i fill my body with this substance
and drown away my pain
in the midst of all indulgence
a regret for yesterday

memories of times i tried to erase
and none of those i cherised
hoping to drown away the hurt
only to be drowning in misery

discovering the prison i embody
destroying the mind that possesses me
searching for a way to breathe
stuck in a place with no possibilities

i fill my body with this substance
and slowly fade away


misery my eyes do show

surprised they can suddenly see
something is wrong
when i’ve been dying to scream all along

i’ve been trying to keep it all in
secretly hoping that they could see
how miserable i am deep within

i wanted them to know
to what extent my degradation
i refuse to show

when they ask me what’s wrong
i wonder how they didn’t know
because as much as i try to hide
my misery my eyes do show